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random death from friday.

planetaryHaze: i was in the car driving and was thinking of how gay emo is. and for some reason i thought of how gayly gaytastic the cover ov seven ways to scream your name is gay, and i was like "gahah ffaf is so gay' and then i wiondered what the new album cover artwork looked like, and then i remember what the new album sounded oike and i died out loud at how much you love it
mattyHXCdavies: thanks a lot buddy
planetaryHaze: aahahaha it was deadly you know it
mattyHXCdavies: ahah

mattyHXCdavies: i was looking thriough my phones saved texts
mattyHXCdavies: and i saw some from you and died
mattyHXCdavies: hah well i saved the license plate one
planetaryHaze: ahahah that one was good
mattyHXCdavies: i also have...
mattyHXCdavies: "Dead i dont need modz i need a lake to push it in"
planetaryHaze: aaaaaaaaahahahah i dont remember that!@!!!!!!\
mattyHXCdavies: dead hah
mattyHXCdavies: i also have ahha..
mattyHXCdavies: "Windmill pulled a fill and freefell w/o a parachute right out of the band"
planetaryHaze: AHAHA that one, it gets me every time
mattyHXCdavies: hah (w)hence why i saved it
planetaryHaze: i spit on my boob\
mattyHXCdavies: aaaaha
mattyHXCdavies: then that means you spit on the floor!
planetaryHaze: GEE THANKS
mattyHXCdavies: ahaha
mattyHXCdavies: revenge plz
planetaryHaze: ahah good point

planetaryHaze: i went to the docgtotr wednesday
planetaryHaze: it was gay as hell
mattyHXCdavies: for what?
planetaryHaze: i mean, it made marty look fucking straighter than.. J
mattyHXCdavies: okay i like.. died bad

mattyHXCdavies: ive been being gay lately
planetaryHaze: ahah how
mattyHXCdavies: ive been either sleeping or doing my gar impersonation playing fps
planetaryHaze: AHAHA WHAT GAMES?!!!!!!!\\
mattyHXCdavies: dead its literally a gar impersonation
mattyHXCdavies: ive been playing call of duty 2 like an insane person
planetaryHaze: i fuckign said "de...head" outloud ahahaha

mattyHXCdavies: so i bought cod2 on ebay for like 3.74
planetaryHaze: dead ive never.. heard of it i think
mattyHXCdavies: so hah
planetaryHaze: AHAHAHA you are so garly gay
mattyHXCdavies: DEAD GARLY
mattyHXCdavies: oh god i died louder than my headphones
planetaryHaze: AHAHA

planetaryHaze: oh shit man its 91º today
mattyHXCdavies: lucky
planetaryHaze: YO USHITTING ME
mattyHXCdavies: dead, no, you shitting yourselfd
planetaryHaze: aahaha
mattyHXCdavies: that was funnier in my head
planetaryHaze: i can see why

planetaryHaze: edead bnice
mattyHXCdavies: dezd
mattyHXCdavies: dead be nice on the internet?
planetaryHaze: ahaha and dead
mattyHXCdavies: dead on the dead internet
mattyHXCdavies: HAH "dead on the dead internet" kills for some reason
planetaryHaze: aaahaa
planetaryHaze: dead interent isnt fun

mattyHXCdavies: im bad at math
mattyHXCdavies: what year were you porn
mattyHXCdavies: AHAH SHIT
mattyHXCdavies: born
mattyHXCdavies: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahah oh god i died
planetaryHaze: AHAH SHIT
planetaryHaze: i cakcled

mattyHXCdavies: dead whatev
planetaryHaze: brbrbbr garbage
planetaryHaze: GARbage]
mattyHXCdavies: ahah wait
mattyHXCdavies: HAH truth

planetaryHaze: so tired
mattyHXCdavies: nigga plz
planetaryHaze: you nigga please

planetaryHaze: i was listening to the new hopesfall
planetaryHaze: and i was like dead this sounds like j not on pills and mellowed out

planetaryHaze: HOW IAS That PSHYCAKKDT POSSIUBLW~!!!!!!
mattyHXCdavies: aaaaahah dead
mattyHXCdavies: psychotic is right
mattyHXCdavies: ahhahahah
mattyHXCdavies: i know you meant physically but psychotic is funnier
planetaryHaze: oh dea deeven better

planetaryHaze: its dark and no ones here :-(
mattyHXCdavies: im here!@
planetaryHaze: dead okay when robbers come i'kl throw your IM box at them
mattyHXCdavies: AHAHAH
mattyHXCdavies: they'll die fo sho
planetaryHaze: ahqh im sure

planetaryHaze: im so gay for loving hed pe
mattyHXCdavies: yes.

planetaryHaze: oh shit man
planetaryHaze: ive started tpo pick up a rhode island accent!!
mattyHXCdavies: ahah dead
planetaryHaze: I DLIKE TO KNWO HOW
mattyHXCdavies: cdeead call my phone and leave a voice mail
planetaryHaze: dead its not constant
planetaryHaze: i just forget Rs sometimes
mattyHXCdavies: aaaaaahh
mattyHXCdavies: HAH
mattyHXCdavies: xcan i call you "achel" now?
planetaryHaze: dead no you xcant
mattyHXCdavies: swead
planetaryHaze: and i obv dont forget them i nthe BEGINNING of the word ass
mattyHXCdavies: dead joke plz?
mattyHXCdavies: and theres no r in the beginning of "ass"
planetaryHaze: i knwo
planetaryHaze: AHAHAH shit good one
mattyHXCdavies: aaaaha i know
planetaryHaze: ghahah

mattyHXCdavies: my sole goal is to kill gar someday
planetaryHaze: thats priobably pastrys also

mattyHXCdavies: its liek 70 in here
mattyHXCdavies: a pill? you j?
mattyHXCdavies: or a roll?
planetaryHaze: dead as SF conmes on
mattyHXCdavies: you pastry now?
mattyHXCdavies: deasd
planetaryHaze: hah why:
mattyHXCdavies: dead roll?
planetaryHaze: AHAH OH
mattyHXCdavies: i had the misfortune to see a picture of him with his shirt slightly raised
planetaryHaze: i laughed liek chris farly

mattyHXCdavies: jackass has entered some gay text, probably an apostrophe or a bracket
planetaryHaze: ''
mattyHXCdavies: dead
planetaryHaze: AHAHaaaaaahahah

planetaryHaze: then go make me the pizza im praying is in the freezer
planetaryHaze: ahahaha
planetaryHaze: and put on extra chees eplz
mattyHXCdavies: hahah
mattyHXCdavies: extra dhcees on frekaking micorobwwva posz?
planetaryHaze: dfead no oven pizza
planetaryHaze: but yeah i put chees on like.. everythign
mattyHXCdavies: dead
mattyHXCdavies: do you even poo
mattyHXCdavies: srsly
planetaryHaze: AHAHA shit
planetaryHaze: all the time

planetaryHaze: wait what did you ask?
mattyHXCdavies: dead
mattyHXCdavies: cheese = constipation
planetaryHaze: oh yeah right, but tea = shatting dreams
mattyHXCdavies: aaaahah oh man
mattyHXCdavies: imagine if you didnt eat cheese
mattyHXCdavies: youd be shatting nightmares
planetaryHaze: ahahahahahah

planetaryHaze: is there fuckign OCEAN at the end of seteve?
mattyHXCdavies: dead????????????????
planetaryHaze: turn it up if you can
mattyHXCdavies: and ill try after this song
planetaryHaze: cant tell if it was that or the net sont
mattyHXCdavies: net sont?!@
planetaryHaze: next song
mattyHXCdavies: i know
mattyHXCdavies: it was funny
planetaryHaze: sounds french
mattyHXCdavies: ahh kinda

mattyHXCdavies: brrrrrrrr
planetaryHaze: DO Y9U OMG DEAD
mattyHXCdavies: steven makes me wanna die dance and sing the wrong words
planetaryHaze: do you have AX or somethign
mattyHXCdavies: because i dont KNOW the words
planetaryHaze: not dancing so much though
mattyHXCdavies: dead wtf ax?
planetaryHaze: wtf?
mattyHXCdavies: planetaryHaze (6:54:58 PM): do you have AX or somethign
mattyHXCdavies: mattyHXCdavies (6:55:23 PM): dead wtf ax?
planetaryHaze: ahah shit i busted
planetaryHaze: AC
mattyHXCdavies: dead yeah
planetaryHaze: im jealous
mattyHXCdavies: ogsh
mattyHXCdavies: DEAD the end passed and i forgot
planetaryHaze: wtf oh dead

mattyHXCdavies: dead i still have to sing sugar we're going down for you
planetaryHaze: oh dogggg
planetaryHaze: AHAH SHIT

planetaryHaze: i made strawberry milk and it smells like wet dog

planetaryHaze: you know wtf srsly
planetaryHaze: WHY do i love hed pe. all they do is sing about bitches and hos, and smokin weed
mattyHXCdavies: dead
mattyHXCdavies: why do we love sf? do we love gaping joles?
planetaryHaze: pizza almost shot out my fucking nose
mattyHXCdavies: AHAHAH

mattyHXCdavies: fucking ginger
planetaryHaze: dead which
mattyHXCdavies: ask
mattyHXCdavies: DEAD
planetaryHaze: ahah i was like "i just did"
mattyHXCdavies: man my typos kill me
mattyHXCdavies: DHAH
planetaryHaze: dude i hate gingers so bad
mattyHXCdavies: if it werent for my death, marty wouldnt exist
planetaryHaze: AHAH OMG I KNWO
mattyHXCdavies: sdead and that time i called him mary
planetaryHaze: aaaahah shit

mattyHXCdavies: im gonna take an eyepatch to the ffaf show
mattyHXCdavies: and ill throw it on stage
planetaryHaze: aaaaaaaaaaaa shit
mattyHXCdavies: or well, if i get a good spot, i can just hand it to him
planetaryHaze: ahah shit
planetaryHaze: reach it out to him on a pirate sword
mattyHXCdavies: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAH or a hook hand?!
mattyHXCdavies: ahah ow my teeth
planetaryHaze: AHAH SHIT EVEN BETTERR!!!!!!!!!!!

planetaryHaze: WHY
mattyHXCdavies: dead like i know
planetaryHaze: wtf whos fucking idea is this
mattyHXCdavies: ahaha i dont know
mattyHXCdavies: j's mom directed it though haha
mattyHXCdavies: dead the small h
planetaryHaze: adds intensity
mattyHXCdavies: AHAH

mattyHXCdavies: god genres interests kill me so bad
planetaryHaze: [paste them so i can dy so bad i shit a dream

mattyHXCdavies: this situation isnt getting eddie vedder
planetaryHaze: oh dead i know
planetaryHaze: like the copstache helps

planetaryHaze: hgo get me some cake plz
mattyHXCdavies: pastry, gtfo rachels computer plz
planetaryHaze: AHAHAH

planetaryHaze: smell slike poo/wentz in here
mattyHXCdavies: it smells like fried chicken and watermelon?!
planetaryHaze: AHAHh shit

mattyHXCdavies: Your Yurble can now be painted Royal!
mattyHXCdavies: be sure to tell your dead without the e
planetaryHaze: my face
mattyHXCdavies: dead what about it
planetaryHaze: it went dead

mattyHXCdavies: Music is pretty cool, I like "scene emo", hip-hop, , oldschool R&B and more. I only have Hip-Hop and Rock on this computer though.
planetaryHaze: AAHAHHAHAH SHIT
planetaryHaze: when i sSTAERTED reading gthe first line i was like "dead fagerito?"
mattyHXCdavies: AHAHAH

mattyHXCdavies: these im adding
mattyHXCdavies: windmill and fill freefalling, ipillz, m0dz machine, copernicus wentz, 7 years, shwans, meandering gayly, j beating mike, five bro-o-o-oken arms, sheriffaf
planetaryHaze: AHAHAHA
planetaryHaze: AHAHAHA
planetaryHaze: ah man i died twice
mattyHXCdavies: hahahha
mattyHXCdavies: at what
planetaryHaze: shwans, j berating mike
mattyHXCdavies: ahahah
mattyHXCdavies: dead i jsut added l0lfa9
planetaryHaze: oh dead good one
mattyHXCdavies: we didnt even have pastry added
planetaryHaze: too fat to fit
mattyHXCdavies: dead dead..
mattyHXCdavies: pastry, pastry eating pastries
planetaryHaze: oh wS
planetaryHaze: AAAHA
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