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jungle bells

i almost shat a salt shaker

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*triumphant music*, 7 years, 847-400-4814, \:d/, a gaping jole, adopted sonny, ahoy matty, as dead as wentz, bendrew, bitch plz, bite to break cock, black in the face, broken arms, catching the gay, christmassacre, coolen, copernicus wentz, crackenack, craping, creepen, crepe-ing, cut from the dance, danish, dead, dead without the e, deadly, death by wtf, die dancing, dies, donut trapp, dyjing, emo laptops, fagerito, fat, ffaf being hardcore, five bro-o-o-oken arms, fly trapp, flying rocks, funky j, gar, gar's away message, gar's halfass moustache, gartar, gartard, gayocean, gayodos, genre of a dick, greaten naten languagen, h()ly, heath bar, holy, i heart that burd, i scream diamonds, i shat a dream, i was gay emo, i'm black to say, ipillz, it's the autism, j, j beating mike, jungle bells, l0lfa9, laugh out loud zebra, m0dding xb0xes, m0dz machine, maf, marty, matty, meandering gayly, modzzz, moo, most recent plague, motorola boat, mr. die dance, naten, ngg plz growtfu, note to oneself, old man bar, omgwtf, p_p, pastry, pastry eating pastries, pesticocks, piratey niggaaaa, pixelies, rainbow pixelies, rapcore, raping caps, raping genre, raping last.fm, raping smarterchild, red yurbles, rusty eye, s^ qt3.14 w/o e, screaming from the sodomy, sf being spiritual, shakes fist, shawn rapping, shawn the ghost, sheriffaf, shwans, smarterfuck, smooth bread, sonny being adopted, sonny being bulimic, sonny is ridiculous, sonny's birth parents, spits, still stomping, stomping, strong;;, super modz 07, sweet shit tho right?, tea and crumpets, terribly medicated, the bendrew quartet, the carlton dance, the die dance, uh larm clock, ukmart, walmart army shorts, wentz plz, whotf is dave??, windmill and fill freefalling, woo woo, wtf, wtf is metalcore, wtfx